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  • Apple Watch: Coming to a Classroom Near You?
    Wearable technology has entered the mainstream. The Apple Watch, announced on Tuesday, ushers in the possibility that, one day soon, campuses across the country will contend with students who are literally attached to their gadgets. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 31, 2015 Wearable Technology took a blow with Google abandoning Glass, but I say it's down but not out. C'mon, I want an Apple Watch and so do you! ;)- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Feb 3, 2015Wearable are definitely desirable to students. The portability is undeniable. - roger.blamire roger.blamire Feb 4, 2015 Not only Apple products but the whole area of quantified self is a big trend - see for example - lindsay.julie lindsay.julie Feb 4, 2015- maria maria Feb 5, 20157 Computers, laptops, iPads, Kindles, iPhones...not sure I need a watch - michael.lambert michael.lambert Feb 6, 2015 This is BYOD taken to another Level! - oysteinjohannessen oysteinjohannessen Feb 20, 2015 Interested to see what this looks like in full implementation - Holly.Lu Holly.Lu Feb 20, 2015- ryan.tomaps ryan.tomaps Feb 23, 2015I have read some articles on increases in cognitive alertness after physical activities, perhaps we'll start seeing bio checks on students to determine readiness for learning.

  • Beyond Online Classes: How The Internet of Everything Is Transforming Education
    The Chief Futurist at Cisco Systems explains how networked connections among people, processes, data, and objects will redefine what students need to learn, and why.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 28, 2015- mnagler mnagler Jan 28, 2015[mnagler] - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 29, 2015 - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 31, 2015- kevin-johnson kevin-johnson Feb 1, 2015- adrian_lim adrian_lim Feb 2, 2015 - kayj kayj Feb 1, 2015The expanding bandwidth will have a huge impact, but this is longer term and not clear now. Professor MacAfee of MIT noted that even some very bright MIT scholars suggested that some human skills such as complex pattern matching (evident in driving a car in traffic) would never be taken over by a computer - a few years later the Google car appeared. Because Moore's law keeps ticking, computers are getting cheaper, stronger and faster. - lisagustinelli lisagustinelli Feb 2, 2015--user:lisagustinelli We have seen this transformation start to take place this past winter. No longer is a snow day a day to sleep in, play and enjoy the beautiful white scenery like it was when I was a child. Now students are connected virtually with their teachers and are completing assignments at home.
  • - cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Feb 3, 2015- leslie.s.conery leslie.s.conery Feb 4, 2015- bobmoore bobmoore Feb 5, 2015 - michael.lambert michael.lambert Feb 6, 2015
  • - jon.k.price jon.k.price Feb 17, 2015 This article appears to have been written in 2013. My issue is that he states, "Perhaps education will become less about acquiring knowledge, and more about how to analyze, evaluate, and use the unlimited information that is available to us. Perhaps we will teach more critical thinking, collaboration, and social skills. Perhaps we will not teach answers, but how to ask the right questions." This has been the focus of technology enabled education for at least 10 years. Yes, I agree the internet of things is a top item, but not as this futurist describes it.

  • Body Heat-Powered Wearables

Researchers at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology developed an ultra-thin, flexible and bendable technology that is powered by thermoelectric energy so that a wearer’s body heat will be able to keep their device powered. This could be useful for field trips and outdoor data collection for science classes- adrian_lim adrian_lim Feb 2, 2015 .- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos~Alternative energy is definitely going to be a plus in Brazil, as long is at is economically viable. - lindsay.julie lindsay.julie Feb 4, 2015