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The initial listing of news on how technology is used by consumers or in popular media culled from a variety of sources we monitor on a regular basis.

We'd love to see your clippings here as well! Please use the edit this page button to add more, or add comments on how or why you think they may or may not be important. As is the convention throughout the Horizon Project Wiki, we ask you to identify items you think are of high interest to us, as I have done here by typing 4 tilde (~) characters-- - Larry Larry Feb 7, 2012. This will help us to sift through the articles and determine which ones resonate most strongly with the board as a whole.

Recommended Reading

  • Amazon Debuts A Storefront Just For Wearable Tech
    Online shopping giant Amazon wants to get out ahead of the curve with wearable tech – hence the launch of its new Wearable Technology store today. The store is a subsection of its e-commerce portal, with a focus on devices like the Misfit Shine, Jawbone UP24 and Narrative Clip, to name just a few. - crompton crompton Feb 2, 2015 - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015 - leslie.s.conery leslie.s.conery Feb 4, 2015As wearable tech becomes more prevalent in society, we can be sure that it will have an impact in education. This is one to watch. Strapping it on isn't good enough. I want MY SKIN to become the device:
  • Artists in Dialogue 2
    The Smithsonian has created an iPhone and iPad app for an exhibition on the collaborative art between Sandile Zulu of South Africa and Henrique Oliveira of Brazil, inviting users to experiment virtually with the artists' techniques and to test their knowledge on South Africa and Brazil.
  • British Museum to be Digitally Recreated in Minecraft
    The British Museum in London - complete with all of its exhibits - is to be recreated in the video game Minecraft in hopes to serve as an effective educational tool among a younger demographic. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015 Why? Just because it's GEEKY-COOL.- dezuanni dezuanni Feb 2, 2015- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Feb 3, 2015- maria maria Feb 5, 2015- maria maria Feb 5, 2015
  • The Company Reinventing How To Learn A New Language
    Duolingo, the free language learning app, is rapidly expanding by embracing crowdsourcing as a way to provide more language courses to its 12 million users. To keep up with demand, Duolingo launched an ambitious project in October 2013--the Language Incubator--allowing the service's community members to collaborate on the creation of new language courses.- mnagler mnagler Feb 1, 2015[mnagler] - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015 Are you ready for this? Duolingo was created by one of our American School of Guatemala graduates! Along with Capcha. He was at the school last week.- dezuanni dezuanni Feb 2, 2015- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Feb 3, 2015- leslie.s.conery leslie.s.conery Feb 4, 2015Not just Duolingo but all the language learning websites are growing quickly and becoming increasingly effective.
  • 18 Apps Every Creative And Artist Type Should Download Right Now
    The Huffington Post has put together this list of mobile museum and art exploration apps that can help spark creativity in our day-to-day.- jmorrison jmorrison
  • Forget the Shortest Route Across a City; New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful
    Often, pedestrians want the quietest route or the most beautiful but if they turn to a mapping application, they’ll get little help. That could change now thanks to the work of Daniele Quercia at Yahoo Labs in Barcelona, Spain, and a couple of pals. These guys have worked out how to measure the “beauty” of specific locations within cities and then designed an algorithm that automatically chooses a route between two locations in a way that maximizes the beauty along it.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 29, 2015
  • The Global Learning XPRIZE Challenge
    The Global Learning XPRIZE challenges teams from around the world to develop open source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic, empowering them to take control of their own learning and ultimately their future. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015 This is great! Want the same thing for teachers as well.- dezuanni dezuanni Feb 2, 2015- leslie.s.conery leslie.s.conery Feb 4, 2015
  • Heartbleed, the Branding of a Bug, and the Internet of Things
    This interview with cryptographer and security expert Bruce Schneier describes what he considers the surprisingly effective response to Heartbleed, how difficult security is because of humans, and why he’s happy Heartbleed wasn’t discovered in the near future, when the Internet of Things will make it much more difficult to fix bugs.- adrian_lim adrian_lim Feb 2, 2015
  • Meet The Finalists Of Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge
    Nine months ago, Intel kicked off the Make It Wearable (MIW) Challenge. Part-competition, part-entrepreneurial mentorship program, MIW challenged thousands of global participants to inspire the next big idea in wearable technology. Since then, 10 teams of young entrepreneurs and developers were selected to develop their proposals into working, marketable prototypes.- adrian_lim adrian_lim Feb 2, 2015 - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Feb 3, 2015- bobmoore bobmoore Feb 5, 2015
  • Microsoft Internet Survey Shows Users' Primary Concern About Personal Technology: Privacy
    Despite differences in the outlook of users from developed and developing countries, majority of respondents in all countries, with the exception of India and Indonesia, agree that there is inadequate legal protection of citizens' online privacy. 85 percent of respondents in developing countries say they are interested in careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), compared to less than six out of 10 respondents in developed countries. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015 Here's the obsession-with-privacy thing again. Have to counter/balance this somehow.- bobmoore bobmoore Feb 5, 2015
  • Old Laptop Batteries Light the Way in Inida
    "Think the estimated 50 million laptop batteries junked each year are really dead? Not so much. There are still enough active cells in them that can be removed and re-used to help power low-energy devices. Developed by IBM Research India, UrJar turns discarded laptop computer batteries into refurbished battery packs."- dezuanni dezuanni Feb 2, 2015- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Feb 3, 2015
  • Raspberry Pi Commended for 'Inspiring Social Change'
    Credit card-sized computer Raspberry Pi has been recognised as one of the top 100 technologies being used for social good. The Raspberry Pi, which has sold more than 1.2 million units worldwide, was recognised for opening up basic programming to new generations as well as providing an ultra low cost computer in the developing world. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015 Yes! Raspberry Pi devices will be a major feature of our makerspace(s).
  • Social Tech Guide
    Compiled by the Nominet trust to, "recognise the pioneers who are using digital technology to make a real difference to millions of lives. It offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date and authoritative collection of the world’s most inspiring applications of digital technology for social good."- dezuanni dezuanni Feb 2, 2015
  • Technology Is Not Driving Us Apart After All
    In the late 1960s and ‘70s, working with the New York City Planning Commission, the sociologist William H. Whyte conducted groundbreaking granular studies of the city’s public spaces, spending hours filming and photographing and taking notes about how people behave in public. The Street Life Project, as it was called, was revolutionary in urban planning, changing not only the way we think about public spaces but also what can be learned in this kind of close observational research of human interaction. Now, a modern research has begun a similar project the story of public spaces in the last 30 years has not been aloneness, or digital distraction, but gender equity.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 29, 2015- adrian_lim adrian_lim Feb 2, 2015 - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015
  • 10 Crowdfunding Success Stories to Love
    Crowdfunding has become a powerful tool for getting projects off the ground in multiple fields.- adrian_lim adrian_lim Feb 2, 2015
  • Ubiquitous Across Globe, Cellphones Have Become Tool for Doing Good
    The cellphone has become more of a tool and less of a toy, especially among the poor, and those trying to help them, in emerging markets. It helps deliver, via text message, water, energy, financial services, health care and even education. ~~When did mobile phones outpace laptops and desktops as humanity's main computing device? ----Easy answer to that is that Laptops and desktops in many countries were never there (many developing countries), mobile devices leapfrogged their way in with their ability to run for days without the need to continually charge. Access to electricity is the issue. - crompton crompton Feb 2, 2015- dezuanni dezuanni Feb 2, 2015- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Feb 3, 2015- leslie.s.conery leslie.s.conery Feb 4, 2015
  • Virtual Reality Startups Look Back to the Future
    "People have wanted virtual reality for decades. There is a reason it has been core to so much great science fiction storytelling. Unfortunately, the tech was just not ready in the past.” - crompton crompton Feb 2, 2015- davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Feb 2, 2015 Consumer VR market to be worth 5 billion bucks by 2018: