2015 Horizon.K12 Timeline

January 27
Expert Panel convened
January 28 - February 4
Wiki orientations for Expert Panel as needed
January 28 - February 4
Expert Panel reviews/adds to Desktop Research
February 5-22
Expert Panel answers the Research Questions
February 24-March 8
Expert Panel makes first pass at Rankings
March 9 - March 12
NMC Staff produce the Interim Results documents
March 13-23
Expert Panel makes final pass at Rankings
March 21
NMC and CosN Announce Interim Results at CoSN Conference in Washington D.C.
March 30 - May 1
NMC Staff write the NMC Horizon Report > 2015 K-12 Edition
May 1
Final Draft of NMC Horizon Report > 2015 K-12 Edition sent to Expert Panel
May 1
Report in Layout and Design
June 2
Advance copy of published report to Expert Panel in PDF format
June 18
Full, final report released in a spotlight session at NMC Summer Conference in Portland, OR

The most critical weeks for Expert Panel members are February 5-22, when the data are collected, then February 24-March 8 and March 13-23, when the two rounds of rankings are produced. These dates are highlighted in red.